The three gifted children


This artwork is inspired by an African Tale about his father and his three gifted Children. This is part of the series “African Heritage 1”. 

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  • Mixed Media textile on  11×14 in Canvas
  • Medium: Fiber, Cloth, Wool

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  • Ready to hang
  • Waterproof, UV resistant, fading resistant indoor and outdoor

Paul was a poor farmer who was content with what little he had.
His three children brought him happiness because each had a particular gift.
The first of his children had the gift of prophecy
The second had the gift of flying at great distances
And the third had the gift of healing
One day, while all of his children were at the farm,
Paul fell very seriously ill to the point of dying immediately if nothing was done.
Simultaneously, the child with the gift of prophecy saw his father’s condition
and called his brothers: “Father is not feeling well, we must get home as soon as possible!”.
The second child with the ability to fly at a distance took them on his shoulders
and carried them from the field to the house.
The third child with the gift of healing used his power to heal their father.
All were happy to see their father on his feet.
Then each of the children claimed credit for saving their father.
The first one said: “If I hadn’t seen anything, you would never have seen that something abnormal was going on at home.
The second one supported his position by saying “if I had not carried you immediately at home, our beloved father would have died before we arrived.”
The third added, “it is my gift of miraculous healing that brought Father out of his evil”.
Which of the three children really saved Paul?

Additional information

Dimensions 11 × 14 in
The three gifted children
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