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This is one of the series “I wear”. The inspiration behind this series is my desire to honor and revive the traditional African textile heritage and creations. I would like to highlight the creativity of our ancestors, in such a way they can benefit from higher visibility, not just kept in the closet. There is a variety of incredible African traditional textile creations (100% handcrafted by artisans) that did not quite find their place in the world of fashion. I’ve not been able to find the right answer to that.

My goal is to provide a combination of cultural history and something entirely new, that stirs your imagination. Through the visual essence of my work, I also promote International Cultural exchange.

I strongly believe that Culture is the possibility of creating, renewing, and sharing values, the inspiration which increases the vitality of humanity.


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  • Size: 8×20 in
  • Material: Stretched Canvas
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  • Ready to hang
  • Made with African Wax Premium Fabric, cowries, pearls.
  • Waterproof, UV resistant, fading resistant indoor and outdoor.
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Dimensions 8 × 20 in
In the web of lies
She wears
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