Why does the turtle have a shattered shell?


A million years ago, the turtle had a shell as smooth as the skin of a drum.
One day, the king of the clouds invited all the animals of the savannah. Of course, the fellow turtle was invited.
The day of the feast arrived. All the animals were jostling each other, wondering how they would ascend to the kingdom of the Cloud King.
The turtle heard the lion say to the giraffe: “I am clever. I will ask my friend the bird to accompany me. “The turtle joined the discussion and said, “I will jump to the realm.”  The giraffe and the lion said to him: “We’ll see if you can do it!”

At the time of the feast, each animal climbed a bird’s neck to go to heaven. The turtle sprang up and jumped. She went very high. But after a while, she fell onto her back, and her shell cracked.

Link to the artwork video: https://youtu.be/GmX3DA0At6M

Mixed Media Textile on  8 x 20 in Canvas (2-pieces layout)


  • Ready to hang
  • Waterproof, UV resistant, fading resistant indoor and outdoor.
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Dimensions 8 × 20 in
Why does the turtle have a shattered shell?
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