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Beyond physical Love, two beings also unite in spiritual Love, unbreakable and infinite.
Love cannot be calculated
Love is the infinity of our soul
It represents the sun and the moon.
The dawn and the dusk,
The Life and the death,
The Ying and the yang.
Love is not a white dove
Nor it turns people into angels
Love can be ugly
But even ugly, Love has a right to exist
Love can be cheap
Even cheap, Love can rise to the sky
Love can be rotten
Even rotten, Love has the dignity of eternity
Infinite Love looks at the horizon
And even beyond the horizon, it looks to infinity
Love loves everything
Love is unique
Love is inseparable
Love is infinite.

Link to the artwork video: https://youtu.be/nVawEWz77wo

  • Size: 8×20 in
  • Material: Stretched Canvas
  • Medium: Premium Textile, wood,  raffia, cowries shells, acrylic

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  • Ready to hang
  • Waterproof, UV resistant, fading resistant indoor and outdoor.

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Dimensions 8 × 20 in
U & Me
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